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Personal Training and More

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The Service

Our aim is to provide you a truly personalised service, bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘personal training.’ We take a holistic approach, focusing on physical and mental fitness and overall wellbeing. Our methodology uses physical activity to connect the body with the mind.

The Packages

At Ajile Health & Fitness, we offer a range of packages to fit your individual needs. Whether it’s in the comfort of our 1:1 state-of-the-art private studio, at your home, or your desired location, we’ll personalise your training to fit your goals!

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The Programme

The Programme takes a holistic approach to health, with a focus on hearty mental wellbeing as well as physical fitness. Learn how we combine strength training, conditioning for endurance and power, mobility work and holistic breathing for overall wellness and health.

The Process

Learn about the Ajile Health & Fitness process from the initial information conversation where we have a friendly chat about your goals and how we can help you achieve them, through to beginning your programme with your personal trainer who will be your wingperson every step of the way.

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The Tactics

In addition to a training program that’s personalised to you, your strategy also includes smart supportive tactics including training your brain to think more positively, choosing the right nutrition to support your training, and getting enough sleep each night.

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The Packages

Check out our personal training packages and find the one that best suits your lifestyle.

Introductory Offer

Taster Session



1 session per week



2 sessions per week



3 sessions per week

Sessions – 50mins.
1:1 sessions in private studio
Mobile Sessions – WE BRING THE GYM TO YOU

(50p per mile for travel costs)