Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Managing the risk of injury or effectively healing post injury is as much about the science of pain as it is the psychology of injury. I work with clients to develop core stability and flexibility as well as performance retraining of muscle, tendon and bone injuries.

The musculoskeletal system comprises of the muscles, tissues, bones, ligaments and tendons- people heal very differently and the healing process is completely subjective. Many individuals turn to the internet to try and recover from injury and are disappointed when following the advice doesn’t result in improvements. The reality is that while you may have the same technical injury as someone else, the impact on your body may be very different to the impact on someone else. I dedicate a lot of time to understanding the injury and working with you to devise a rehabilitation program suited to your needs.

The goal of any rehabilitation is for the body to regain full function following an injury. It also involves restoring strength, flexibility, endurance, power and stability. I aim to help clients repair damaged tissue in a supervised and controlled manner to avoid any further injury. Unfortunately, injury often gets worse when ignored and left untreated- I would always advise anyone to seek help as soon as possible to keep recovery time minimal.

Often clients come to me in considerable discomfort and frustration if they have tried alternative treatments unsuccessfully. It is always incredibly rewarding to help someone rehabilitate and be able to return to their normal activities without the pain and disruption of injury. I’m experienced in a wide range of injury including macro-traumatic injuries (usually the result of a strong force such as a fall) and micro-traumatic injuries (chronic injuries resulting from overuse of a structure such as muscle, joint, tendon or ligament).

I use a range of different exercises to help rehabilitate specific injury and will work alongside any other therapeutic interventions you are currently using. I always aim to help clients return to the same (if not better) functional capacity than prior to injury. Ultimately, the rehabilitation plan we put in place should limit the extent of the injury, reduce or reverse the impairment and functional loss, and prevent, correct or eliminate altogether the disability. Communication is very important to me and I regularly review and adapt plans according to client feedback. Personally, I have spent many years correcting ailments I suffered myself partly due to a lack of understanding around injury prevention and this has driven me to want to help others from making the same mistake.

For some individuals, simply rehabilitating an injury is enough. For others, the completion of rehabilitation generally signals the start of the conditioning process needed to return to sports training and competition. This is when as a coach I can identify and correct risk factors, thus reducing the possibility of re-injury. Whether you are an experienced athlete looking for rehabilitation or a fitness novice looking for injury support I will always work my hardest to get you the results you are looking for.

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