The Programme


Myofascial movement, combining compression, massage, dynamic movements and static holds/stretches. Biomechanic and kinetic chain connectivity. Releasing tightness and knots in our system that can build up through postural defects, exercise and everyday life. Proprioceptor awareness. Focus on linking the entire body as one unit.

Endurance & Power

Conditioning using the different energy systems. Building stamina, speed, overall power and output. Improve cardiovascular and lymphatic system, improve blood flow, enhance mitochondria. Better mind body circulation.

Holistic Breathing

Oxygen and carbon dioxide whole body flow optimisation. Connect mind, body and neurotic transmission through breathing. How to breathe for physical activity. Immune system boosting and protecting. Respiratory circulation.

Strength Training

To improve core and entire body functionality. Focus on bone density, joint and ligament elasticity, tendon toughening and cartilage protection techniques, mobility and stability, fat burning, building muscle and mitochondria stimuli. Achieved through strength and power resistance exercise using several energy systems.